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October 26, 2016

Acrylic Or Epoxy Resin-Which Is The Best Choice For Your Garage Floor?

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Garage floors are plain grey concrete floors. They are a place where the flooring is subject to grease, chemicals, oil and rough wear and tear that soon becomes an eyesore. While there are many choices for garage floor treatments, acrylic floor coatings for garages is a common scene.They are great for providing shine for a short span of time but they are not durable due to the heavy use of garage floors. Acrylic flor coating can only handle light and medium traffic.

Garages call for complete protection against slip-up, stains, chemicals and occasional dropping of heavy metals and tools. Epoxy resin treatment is a popular choice for flooring for garages due to its durable nature. It not only makes your garage floor look like showroom flooring, but also makes it resistant to heavy traffic, wear and tear as well as chemical spillage. Before getting epoxy resin flooring, it is important to understand what is epoxy and how it is used as a coating.

Epoxy and its coatings

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Epoxy is not a paint. It is a durable and strong material made up of resin and hardener. A thermosetting resin is applied as a coating. It is created by adding epoxide resin to a polyamine hardener that acts as catalyst and gives the coating its strength. Instead of drying as a paint, it cures, which adds to further strengthening the coating. The epoxy coating is much thicker than paint and yields a stronger bonded surface to the garage floor.

The strong and impermeable coating makes epoxy resin flooring hide minor imperfections such as cracks and flaws in the concrete floor. It not only looks clean; it is anti-dusting. The coating is moisture resistant and is perfect for snowy areas.

Three most common Epoxy floor coatings are

  • Epoxy and Polyurethane coating
  • Epoxy Chip stone with Polyurethane top coat
  • Epoxy Granitex with Polyurethane top coat

These coatings can las you from 7-15 years with low maintenance and almost no repair. They can be easily cleaned with mild liquid detergents. Grease, chemicals and oil do not stain these kind of floorings.

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