Fixit Team

November 28, 2017

How Can You Help Your Child Cope Up with Grief and Bereavement?

We all know that children are very sensitive and even small things can hurt them easily. Each and every person on this earth will have at least one special person in their life. Besides, it can be either their child or wife or father or a friend or a grandparent. Waking up in the morning all of a sudden and realising the fact that your beloved person is no more on can be extremely painful, especially for children.

Most of the parents hide the death news from children.  Remember that, children always look for gentle, clear and honest answers from people whom they are speaking with.  In fact, this would be the right time to educate your children about life.

What should you do to help your child cope with grief and loss? Tips by

  • Talk to your child: In most of the cases, guardians or parents avoid discussing about the death topics with a child as this might create immense pressure on their mind. Dealing with children in this way by hiding some important things, which they should know, makes them feel more depressed. Speak with your children about the death and help them understand how to deal with the situation.
  • Listen to your child: It is quite common to see a child feeling depressed after listening to the death news of his/her beloved person. However, in order to make your child cope up with grief, it is very much necessary for you to listen to what your child says. Allow your children to express their feelings as might help them feel better.

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